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2-Seater Electric Golf Cart

To retain your golf guests, you have to meet their low-carbon lifestyle and satisfaction in golfing and golf tourism with a fleet of green electric golf carts to enhance their pleasure and enjoyment. Marshell is dedicated to individual markets and has the full spectrum of green electric golf carts of style and performance with competitive price and attentive service to match. The DG-C2 series golf cart is the industry standard two seat golf cart. Designed for comfort and easy mobility. Capable of holding two golf bags on the back. Features such as drink-holders are "bolted in" keeping them perfectly in place.

2-seater Golf Buggy Features

  1. Double A-arm independent front suspension with adjustable shock absorbers;
  2. Adjustable camber can keep the tire use longer;
  3. Double- ended Rack& Pinion steering;
  4. Higher ground clearance with 120mm;
  5. Optional 8*6V Battery for longer traveling distance;
  6. On-board Charging system;
  7. Downhill, Regenerative braking with Roll-away protection (with key on);
  8. Battery State-of-Charge meter;
  9. Golf Bagwell for 2pcs of 12inch golf bags;


Battery: 8V*6
Motor: 48V3KW
Controller: Curtis
Range (km): 80
Max. speed (km/h): 25
Minimum turning radius (m): 3.1
Max. climbing ability:30%


Overall dimensions: 2380*1180*1865mm
Carrying capacity: 360kgs
Gross weight: 490kgs
Front wheel Tread (mm): 930
Rear wheel Tread (mm): 980
Tires: 18*8.50-8,4Ply
Quantity per Container: 8pcs/20GP 18pcs/40HQ

Optional Accessories

Lighting system: Rear cargo box
Trojan battery; CD Player
10" Alloy rim: Caddy handle
Weather enclosure: Caddy cooler
3 points Seat belts: Sand bottle
Side view mirror: USB Port
Rear seat kit

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