Marshell electric vehicle distributorWhile the low-carbon economy is quickening its paces, the market is becoming highly competitive and changing fast. Change is embracing opportunity in business and most businesses have huge unrealized potential. If, like many other, you can hardly afford the competition, or want to enrich your product portfolios to response to the market change, or simply want to get in the challenge of this market, Marshell is your right choice! Marshell will work with you to unlock the huge unrealized potential of your business, help you grow and gain your success.

Marshell is the front runner in low-carbon technology products with the full spectrum of green electric vehicles, automotive and home power products that herald a whole new era of low-carbon economy. Marshell is dedicated to individual markets with full service and support to match.

Who is Marshell?

Marshell was founded in 2002 with two business units, Electric Vehicle and Electronics. The core business of Marshell Electric Vehicle is in the research, development and manufacture of low-speed electric vehicles including mobility scooters, golf carts, resort and utility vehicles, etc. Whereas, Marshell Electronics, of automotive and home power products including battery charges, battery maintainers, power inverters, jump starters, portable power domes, solar power extenders, etc.

How do you benefit?

Working with Marshell, you can enjoy considerable benefits with added values:

  • The full spectrum of electric vehicles, automotive and home power products of the highest possible standards of quality and performance at your fingertips to withstand the challenge of the market.
  • Great flexibility of production capacity enables you to fast meet the market change and demand with our two ISO9001:2000 certified factories, strategically located in Zhaoqing and Shanghai with a total of 210,000 m2 of fully equipped workshops.
  • Cost down on your existing products to regain your competitiveness and market shares with our proven quality and competitive price – we have been serving leading brands in OEM and ODM with products penetrated the global market.
  • Full service and support on product upgrade and new product engineering, fast to market at minimized cost with our engineering team of more than 100 engineers for OEM and ODM projects.

Marshell electric vehicle factory
Marshell Zhaoqing, Guangdong factory

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer from China
Marshell Shanghai factory

What do we promise?

Copacetic in short, COPA:

  • Competitive Price
  • On-time Delivery
  • Premium Quality
  • Attentive Service

How do we make it?

Electric Vehicle Distributor

Electric Golf Carts Distributor

Electric Vehicles Dealer

Enhanced Cost Efficiency


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